So you clicked on the "About" and want to know a little bit more about Geeky Daddy(Clint). I am a 30-something year old sir that works a full-time job, a proud father to (Aqua Girl) and another on the way and a wife that puts up with my geek ways:)

I am an avid reader would be understatement. I am usually reading at least 2 books at a time either in paper, kindle as well or audio. I am a very eclectic reader. You'll find crime, fantasy, non-fiction, sci-fi, contemporary fiction in my repertoire at any given time. Do not expect anything normal from my little corner of the web.

I have been reading as long as I can remember and love to talk about books, technology as well as outdoors related things well(gardening,family and hunting/trapping) anything else that is going through my head. Expect book related posts to be here in my little corner of the web. I'm also an aspiring writer. I hope that you do enjoy my thoughts.


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