Garden Around the Corner

I know that I should at least have the garden tilled up by now...but I am not  quite there yet.Hopefully in the next couple of day. Plus we increased the garden as well. Besides the 2 in the back yard we have an additional plot that on my grandparents land. I was where they had their old garden 10-15 years ago.

There is PLENTY of work to be done. With all this rain it sure is getting difficult to go out there.No more spring showers just yet.Still debating what veggies that we want to grow this season. I think that I may bite off too much than I can chew.😢

 I think I can do this. Plus the wife gave me an extra incentive. She doesn't think I will be able to do the garden at my grandparents house. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!!

I may be a bit stubborn..LOL

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