Got Through Year 1

17992063_10155141589047226_1164895524148535291_n I'm in awe that my son is 1 year old..ALREADY!!!!!  This past year has been a whirl wind. I am just trying to slow time down but it not working. Where is my Deleon?? It is like pushing a boulder up a hill with a mudslide to slow down the days. Sure is hard with the wife watching kids and me working like crazy.

Crazy seeing how much this little man has changed up our lives. He was the BEST surprise we have ever received. Plus with no help...it happened all our own with no assistance.

Always such a happy go lucky kid. Happy that he is more of a go with the flow type of a kid until his middle sis. After a tough day at work that smile sure does make the day wonderful.

For his birthday we laid low and stayed home and had fun. Unfortunately his eldest sister is sick...

If this year goes by this fast going to interesting to see how fast the future years to come goes by.

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