Getting Closer

I for one just cannot believe that baby #3 will be here in about a month or so. Boy where does that time go. It has been a crazy week though,

Currently as of last weeks appointment the baby was in the breech position. My wife was to 3 chiropractor appointment to see about getting baby all comfy in order to have baby flip in the position for  good delivery.

My wife sure is anxious, but that is her anyways..lol We have an appoint ment tomorrow and we shall see if baby is the right position.

We are praying that the lil troublemaker doesn't cause much more while he\she is still in the womb.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens

12728651_668161623286753_289806242_n I was not sure if I was going to be able to see the newest installment of the Star Wars installment in theaters.I am beyond your typical Star Wars nerd. I can probably resite word for word the Original Trilogy without hesitation. Big fan of the Original Trilogy, but the prequels were okay. I thought that Lucas had a great opportunity but failed to deliver in the story in that trilogy.

Man...oh... man life sure has been crazy.

This weekend was kind of slow I could not believe it either. :)  First, we about going after work on Saturday. But we could not find anybody to watch the minions. Take 2....on Sunday the plan was go to the early show at the theaters . I would go by myself and my wife would watch the kids and walk around the mall. On the way down there my eldest was wondering if she could see it as well. I was good with that considering that I really didn't want to see the movie by myself anyhow.

At first, she was kind of scared but then she got use to the action of the movie. I thought that she did great. I am happy that my eldest liked the movie as much as I did. This was her 1st real unanimated movie.

Overall, I thought that Abrams did a pretty good with the revival of Star Wars. I will be going for #2 in 2017. It is going to be interesting to see where he goes with this story. Yes, some of the story sounds familiar but it was an interesting approach in the future in the Star Wars Universe.

Best Valentines gift my wife could have given me this year. She was even willing to see the movie with me if she had to. She is not a fan really of Star Wars. It is lost on her. It all worked out in the end.

May the Force Be With You.



Different Concentration

Lately, I have been in a rut I guess. It seems that I have been spending too much time on my phone and my head down and staring into a screen in which I am not learning anything. Thus mindless scrolling. This is not what I want to be spending what little free time that I have doing.

I have set some goals for myself in this quest(to look up more).

The to try to start writing more.Maybe 1 story a week. I feel that what I meant to so is to write. What to write we shall see. I am not that sure if I am going to post everything on here yet.

Along with reading at least 1 book a month. I don't think that is too much of a reach. It is realistic especially with the craziness that is the life that my family and I live.

I guess we will see if I can live up to this little quest that I have challenged to myself.