Spring Is Here!!!

I just cannot believe that the season of spring is FINALLY here. After the PROLONGED winter that we(Wisconsin) has this year it was crazy.Damn you Polar Vortex or whatever you are called. It was pretty much from hunting season(October) to until last week of March that we had immense amounts of snow on the ground. 

I took a lookie at flower bed today and YES we have rhubarb sproating up. My thoughts wre sweet. I canot wait for the sauces and the bars, etc that we make with the plants of of the good stuff that is sprouting in the backyard right now.

I guess my wife and I better get the seeds started...oh wait I think we better order the seeds as well. his season we are taking it easy with the little one that is about the be welcomed to the world any day now.


  1. I am glad spring seems to be here, too! We didn't have this house until the winter, so I have been inspecting to see if we have anything planted... So far nothing has came up in the flower beds. :(

  2. I hope something does spout up for you ;) I know the feeling we bought our place in the winter 5 years ago...yikes. Soon enough we will be planting and tilling out gardens.


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