Current State

Time and Place // 9:11AM at the Northwoods home base of WI

Eating and Drinking //Coffee..my usual life line and I did eat oatmeal with rasberries and blueberries(from last season)

Reading //I am currently reading Moneyball and Trappers Bible. With Moneyball it is the season for baseball, so I figured I would read this one. I sure an enjoying this book thus far. Trappers Bible I am learning more doing my offseason for sets and techniques for my targeted animals
Watching //  I have been watching this series on Sundays called Crisis. It is one of the show I try to watch now.

Listening // Slugging my way through The Outsiders. It is a good book thus far....mot sure what is taking me.

Hating // The feelig you get when you have not had dep fried in AGES. Uggh...that this mean I am getting old.

Loving// How much my daughter has blossomed this year in 3K. She can write her name and recognize all her letters.

Avoiding // Finalizing the pool that I ran for March Madness. I think I will divey up the winnings tomorrow.

Anticipating //This baby to FINALLY arrive we the people are getting anxious. My daughter dance recital that is a little bit over a month.
. What are you reading today?

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