Ultrasound Tomorrow

It is going to be interesting tomorrow, we are going to be having a second ultrasound. It is due to the fact that my wife has been measuring between 10-14 days.I am figuring the they(the docs) will ne moving the due date up a little bit. My wife is in denial.

It would be kind of nice considering that my daughter has a dance recital in the middle of May. It would work out pretty good if the guess ate would be pushed up a little bit. Every parent know how crazy though first couple of weeks can be. The sleep deprivation getting up every couple of hours for feeding.

We will see how big the head is and the current wait for the lil minion.

For everyone, that is interesting I will keep everyone up-to-date with the news that we get from the tests tomorrow.

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  1. I am interested! There better be pictures (or a picture) when it happens, though!


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