Crazy Week

I cannot believe that in about a month that our family will be welcoming our new edition into the world. I for one am not that sure where ALL that time goes. It just seems like yesterday that we found out that we were FINALLY pregnant.With all that appointments with the fertility clinic(which we are lucky to have great insurance) and failed tests. It came true…perfect timing.

This week we have been busy making freezer meals for when the baby come and we are more prepared compared to where we were when our daughter came into the world. I think that we are set for almost 2 months of meals. 

At the mid point of the week, we had a growth ultrasound and the baby is still growing. Still not sure hope the baby can take being so squished in there. Right now the baby is measuring at 7 lbs 9 oz, still on pace to hit 10 lbs. WOW

Of course we did get more snow and made a mess. It snowed 3 inches this week then melted with how high the temps where this past week(40-50). Fun fun in the flood zone.

We will see if the baby comes early…I am hoping so for the sake of my wife.It seems like we are in a rat race right now. I am hoping that everything is worth it and think that it will be.

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