Crazy Week

I cannot believe that in about a month that our family will be welcoming our new edition into the world. I for one am not that sure where ALL that time goes. It just seems like yesterday that we found out that we were FINALLY pregnant.With all that appointments with the fertility clinic(which we are lucky to have great insurance) and failed tests. It came true…perfect timing.

This week we have been busy making freezer meals for when the baby come and we are more prepared compared to where we were when our daughter came into the world. I think that we are set for almost 2 months of meals. 

At the mid point of the week, we had a growth ultrasound and the baby is still growing. Still not sure hope the baby can take being so squished in there. Right now the baby is measuring at 7 lbs 9 oz, still on pace to hit 10 lbs. WOW

Of course we did get more snow and made a mess. It snowed 3 inches this week then melted with how high the temps where this past week(40-50). Fun fun in the flood zone.

We will see if the baby comes early…I am hoping so for the sake of my wife.It seems like we are in a rat race right now. I am hoping that everything is worth it and think that it will be.


The Bow Debate?

I have been debating between a recurve(traditional) bow and a compound. I have one of each so I do not actually have to go out and buy them. They were inherited from my dad. Here is som ifo I found on each.
Source: Off the Grid News
First Things First: What’s The Difference?
Simply put, a bow uses the mechanical advantage of leverage and stored energy to cast an arrow faster and farther than you could otherwise throw it.
Recurves and longbows directly store this energy; as you draw, them they get harder to pull. Compounds, on the other hand, have an additional mechanical advantage in that through the use of cables and cams, they are able to let off some of the weight you draw and have to hold. They also use this mechanical advantage to throw an arrow faster than a traditional bow of the same draw weight.
The differences in the way that compound and traditional bows are built will affect many things, including price, accuracy, weight, speed, and power, just to name a few.
I have a top-of-the-line traditional archery catalog in front of me, and leafing through the pages, I can find a fully carbon longbow listed for $1499. This I am sure is a super-smooth, nice shooting bow. In the same catalog, the custom recurves start at around $750. In the back are some primitive bows, and a linen-backed medieval longbow goes for $131. Some online searching turned up some name brand recurves starting at just over $120. A custom self bow (a bow made from one piece of wood with no backing on the limbs) will start at around $200 and can go up to well over $1000.
I don’t get catalogs for compound archery products any more, so I had to do some searching. From what I could find, if I were shopping for a new bow, I would expect to pay at least $250 for an entry-level bow, with the vast majority falling in the $400-to-$600 range.
The used market for both is another matter entirely. Online auctions are full of compounds for under $200, and many of these include the whole package that you will need to hunt (sights, arrows, quiver, release, etc.). Lots of folks buy a whole new kit when they get a new bow and then put their old package up for sale. This is a great way to pick up a nice bargain.
Recurves and longbows are somewhat iffier to purchase online. The bows are generally constructed of wood and laminates, and they tend to crack and warp once they get older. I have seen many good affordable used bows online, but you do need to be more diligent with what you buy. I have bought both a newer entry-level compound and an older 45# recurve for less than $30 each by watching the auctions carefully.
Advantage: No clear winner
I used to shoot instinctively (no sights). I even shot my compound that way for a couple years, but when I finally added sights, along with a peep and release, I went from groups the size of a paper plate to ones smaller than a baseball.
A compound bow can be made into an extremely accurate shooting bow. With the use of a peep sight and a release, tiny groups are common. You can put these same accessories on a traditional bow, but the compound with its great let off of draw weight enables you to take your time and get a perfect sight picture before releasing your arrow.
When you are holding a recurve at full draw, you are holding the full weight of the draw; your muscles are far more likely to quiver and shake, making perfect sight alignment more difficult and less consistent.
In most cases the same shooter shooting both types of bows will be more consistent and accurate with a compound bow.
Advantage: Compound
A few years ago while hunting in Colorado, I was with a buddy who was hunting with a recurve he had built years earlier in the Scouts, while I had my compound. We were about halfway up a steep ridge where we stopped for the umpteenth time to catch our breath. I said something along the lines of my bow weighing so much I might as well have been carrying my 300 magnum.
He smiled and handed me his recurve. WOW! Was it light compared to my bow. That is the moment I decided I was going to go back to recurve hunting.
More modern compounds have used space-age material to cut weight, but they still weigh as much or more than a good rifle when you get all the accessories bolted in place.
Advantage: Traditional
Speed and Power
As I explained earlier, the compound uses its mechanical advantage to cast an arrow faster than a comparable weight traditional bow. This fact allows you to use a heavier arrow for better penetration when using a compound bow.
Advantage: Compound
I decided to include this somewhat ambiguous category because I needed somewhere to explain how traditional bows shine in being a pure joy to shoot.
Top-end compounds have worked hard to eliminate the herky-jerky draw motion that the let off gives you when the weight drops as you pull back on the string. Traditional bows have none of this. Their draw is one smooth motion with the weight increasing the further you draw.
This is a real advantage in many forms of hunting, allowing you to keep a sight picture on a moving animal or flying bird. While the compound is more pinpoint accurate, a traditional bow is easier to shoot.
One other difference I will put in this category is that compounds for the most part are noisier than traditional bows. On some of the older bows, it almost sounds like you are firing a .22 rifle. They also generally deliver more hand shock (vibration felt in your hand) when you shoot them.
Advantage: Traditional
Most of the same accessories can be had for both types of bows; however, most traditional shooters prefer minimal accessories.
Advantage: None
Building Your Own
As a prepper, the one thing I really like about traditional bows is that I can make every single piece of equipment from local raw materials. You can buy books and videos (or search online) for instructions that show how to make everything you need to hunt game with your very own homemade bow. I have watched some videos of people crafting their own compound bows, and while it is interesting, these bows are not very practical.

Does anyone have any thoughts or tips? Or just keep practicing. 


Lil Minion Update

I meant to do this earlier this week, but it has been crazy buzzy.Work I tell you it is always getting in the way.

My wife went in for a second ultrasound last week. Supposedly, she is measuring 4 weeks ahead of schedule.I am not that sure how they can tell for sure when we got pregnant consider my wife has a spotty cycle anyhow.

The doc told her that the baby might reach over 10 lbs if we do go full-term. We shall see I guess. Then the doc told my wife to consider a cesarean surgery. I am praying that does not happen:

1. We would like to have this lil minion exposed to as few drugs as possible.
2. We live in a 2 story house. It would rough for my wife to get upstairs  to sleep in our bed.

This worried me a bit so I will be going to the next appointment in a couple of weeks.

So that is all for the update so far.


Why the Name Change?

I figured that this name just fit a little bit better. With where I(my family and I) live this just flows a bit better.  The town where we reside have a whopping 800 people in it....good ole small town gossip...uggh. Anyways were was I....

 Plus,with us living in the Northwoods in Wisconsin I do quite a bit of stuff outside or offline like family,hunting, gardening, etc.

A dork is very much with what I am. Here is a quick defenition Dork: Someone who has odd interests, and is often silly at times. A dork is also someone who can be themselves and not care what anyone thinks.
So yeah this pretty much me as well. I will still be doing reviews, but I am planning on doing a different variety of content in my posts. I am keeping my url the same for now at least.

Thoughts on name change?


Ultrasound Tomorrow

It is going to be interesting tomorrow, we are going to be having a second ultrasound. It is due to the fact that my wife has been measuring between 10-14 days.I am figuring the they(the docs) will ne moving the due date up a little bit. My wife is in denial.

It would be kind of nice considering that my daughter has a dance recital in the middle of May. It would work out pretty good if the guess ate would be pushed up a little bit. Every parent know how crazy though first couple of weeks can be. The sleep deprivation getting up every couple of hours for feeding.

We will see how big the head is and the current wait for the lil minion.

For everyone, that is interesting I will keep everyone up-to-date with the news that we get from the tests tomorrow.