League of Denial: The NFL, Concussions and the Battle for Truth by Mark Fainaru-Wada, Steve Fainaru

League of Denial: The NFL, Concussions and the Battle for Truth by Mark Fainaru-Wada, Steve Fainaru
Completed: Feburary 2014
Length:399 Pages

Synopsis from Goodreads:
This book reveals how the NFL, over a period of nearly two decades, sought to cover up and deny mounting evidence of the connection between football and brain damage.
Comprehensively, and for the first time, award-winning ESPN investigative reporters Mark Fainaru-Wada and Steve Fainaru tell the story of a public health crisis that emerged from the playing fields of our 21st century pastime. Everyone knew that football is violent and dangerous. But what the players who built the NFL into a $10 billion industry didn’t know – and what the league sought to shield from them – is that no amount of padding could protect the human brain from the force generated by modern football; that the very essence of the game could be exposing these players to brain damage.
In a fast-paced narrative that moves between the NFL trenches, America’s research labs and the boardrooms where the NFL went to war against science, League of Denial examines how the league used its power and resources to attack independent scientists and elevate its own flawed research -- a campaign with echoes of Big Tobacco’s fight to deny the connection between smoking and lung cancer. It chronicles the tragic fates of players like Hall of Fame Pittsburgh Steelers center Mike Webster, who was so disturbed at the time of his death he fantasized about shooting NFL executives; and former Chargers great Junior Seau, whose diseased brain became the target of an unseemly scientific battle between researchers and the NFL. Based on exclusive interviews, previously undisclosed documents and private emails, this is the story of what the NFL knew and when it knew it – questions at the heart of crisis that threatens football, from the highest levels all the way down to Pop Warner.

Fiction or Non-Fiction? Genre? Non-fiction-sports

What lead you to pick up this book? I am a die-hard football fan(Vikings). I saw the Frontline special on this subject. I figured it would be a great read. I was not disappointed.

Summarize the Plot: In the League of Denial it traces the history of the battle over head injuries being suffered by NFL football players. It actually is impacting all football players. It has become a battle between scientists and those in the league who are denying the seriousness of the problem.

What did you like most about this book?
I liked the way that the authors went through to show the way the league tried to deny that football was not the cause for former player with brain damage. It was sad to read some of the cases at what the former players and their families went through.

What did you the least?
The man that discovered the link seemed that he did not get the amount of credit that he rightfully deserves.
What did you think of the writing style?
I thought this book was easy reading. I think that a non-football fan could easy pick this book up and read it with no issues whatsoever.
What did you think of the ending? The book ended on a high note, that the league is starting to take responsibility of a dangerous workplace.The league is starting to take some responsibility for they way the concussion crisis was handled.  

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