The Never List by Koethi Zan

The Never List

 It is told from Sarah's view point who was held captive in a basement of a psycho college professor along with her best friend, Jennifer, and two other girls, Tracy and Christine. The professor was arrested when Sarah escaped but ten years later is up for parole.

I picked up this book for Halloween season. I heard that it was suppose to be a good book. This book has so much potential build and could have put the reader on the seat. To me it failed to do that in my eyes.

My main problem is that the very dark subject matter is grafted onto a chatty first person narrative style better suited to chick lit, and it just doesn't work. It seemed like that annoying middle school/high school gossip girl over and over and over.

I do not understand why this book is classified as a thriller? This book just failed to deliver.I will be give the author a break with it bring her first book published. Just not my can or bottle of beer I guess.

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  1. The premise sounds like it could be very good! Too bad it wasn't. :( I think I will be skipping this one.


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