Kids Will Miss Out

I have been putting in quite a bit of hours this week. So it gives me plenty of time to think during the day. So a thought popped into my head(no not the Cream Puff Marshmallow Man). I was thinking of the different types of media that our generation grew up with.

I remember when I was little riffling through the downstairs and finding some old school vinyl and played it on the record player. As well as listening to books on record as well. Just saying it makes feel old.

Then there are cassettes and CDs the more music can be stored on the CDs than the record. Now we have the the digital age of music. This is something that kids in this generation have and can have millions on songs on one device. I am not saying that I do not do this. :)

It was fun riffling through music and seeing what can be found. Do you any of remember this? Or am I showing my age, in which I admit I am.


  1. I'm preparing for an upcoming move. I just came across some old cassette tapes while going through some boxes from the attic. Wow, did they bring back some memories. I don't think I have any records left, but I may wind up coming across some.

  2. I definitely remember this. Going to the local record store, flipping through bins of music, cassette tapes, just browsing what was out there, finding new to me stuff. I work in an elementary school, and one of the kids the other day was telling me about this really old atari game system his dad had. It made me laugh, since his dad is probably the same age as me. I guess I am "really old" now. Lol.


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