Halloween plus sugar equals cranky child

It is Halloween and it is my favorite holiday of the year. I think that maybe it is that people are (suppose)scared or the fact that you never know what is lurking around the corner. I am hoping that I can get my wife to watch World of the Worlds tonight. I am thinking GOOD LUCK!!!

My little Aqua Girl had a party at 3k today and she was a princess like she wanted, because she was going to be a butterfly. So wanted to be a princess, because we compromised so she was a princess for the party and tonight (as long as we are still going) going to be a butterfly.

After school it was obvious she must have had to much candy today. She usually does not get much from the sugar department. Aqua Girl was a cranky little girl and did not get lunch today. She was screaming because my wife wanted to hold her on her lap. UGGGH

If this attitude keeps up in looks like no trick-or-treating for my little beast. I guess we will see if she is better after a much needed nap this afternoon.

I hope that everyone has a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!

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