Discussion: Hi-Tech Issues

 My wife and I were talking this morning about authors signing books. Then the subject, lead to the way that the book market has been a more hi-tech way in reading books, ie Kindle or Nook to name a few.

Then that go use wondering IF one day that all print form of book were to go way that CDs....I HOPE NOT!! What does an author going to do sign your e-book reader.Are they going to have to autograph your cover or with there be a page on the kindle screen that they(author) will be able to sign their Herbie Hancock. Hmm...it puzzles me as well.I do have an e-reader...I really do like my Kindle a lot. I still love the feeling of having the physical feeling in the hands.

Just my thoughts for the day. What are your thoughts of this discussion?


  1. Hi Clint,

    I went to a Robin Hobb signing recently, and the girl behind me in the queue was going to ask to have her e-reader cover signed. She'd already had it signed once by someone else though, and it'd faded over time, so her companion suggested going over it with another pen which led to a long debate over whether it would still be a genuine signature!

    A page on the kindle itself makes more sense, though I don't know if that's already been done/will be done in the future.

    1. I was not that sure what people would be doing with the way that REAL book are going out like a VHS.


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