Country Cable

You may asked what is country cable. It was a turned that was used quite often when I was in high school. It was just your regular channels that one would receive off an antenna. Over and over my wife and I were just getting sick of the Directv customer service and the equipment that would constantly fail. Really what is the point in having a DVR....if you have to watch the show ASAP or risk losing it.

It has been about a month now that we have been without the satellite, we do not miss it really. Plus we are not shelling out $100 a month either. We know how much the bill if going to be from month to month.

 I am having more time to read as well. I watch maybe 7-9 hours(if that) a week. It really that high due to football season.This was a great choice for our family

I will say this if I came be rid of the TV anyone can do it. All it cost us was the antenna($100, one time payment) and a subscription to Netflix.

Do you have satellite?


  1. My family did this about 2.5 years ago (or longer, I forget). We actually canceled our DTV before the contract was up, shelling out a hefty fee, but it was still cheaper than keeping the thing through the end of the contract. We bought a digital antenna and haven't looked back since. We've taken to Netflix a time or two, but we've gone long bouts without it, too, and haven't missed it, either.

    All that to say CONGRATULATIONS! I get excited on reading this kind of stuff. Enjoy the savings and the additional family time that potentially can come with it.

    1. Thank you I am glad that you are still country cabling and loving it. After one month we do not miss the bill :) My wife and I decided this was a great decision.


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