Dutch and German..OH MY

A couple of month after my little girl turned 2...she had been headed down THAT road. Many parents out there know what I am talking about the TERRIBLE 2's. It seems that somedays, she is in timeout or has toys taken away more than anything. UGGGH. Fun times. We are trying  NOT to raise a spoiled brats.

Aquagirl's stubbornness sure does test our patience at times. My wife and I think that it has to do that she has so much German and Dutch flowing in her bloodline. Or maybe it is the female gene as well..lol. There are days when she wakes up with a mode good luck trying to get her in a decent one for that day.

We wonder on those days where did our sweet little girl went off to? I love that girl, but  sometimes...SOMETIMES..:) 

So to the parents out there. Do you any stories?

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