Console Switch

My wife and I were in town last night and are considering switching game consoles. I have been a Play Station guy for YEARS. We have a Wii, but we are not able to play with it all that much. We discussed possibly buying a Xbox Kinect.

With my wife watching kids the Kinect would be great for 2 years to play and for Wii they would not get confused or frustrated at the game play. The Xbox has many of the game that I play. I do not play that many games that are platform sensitive, such as the Mario Bros series.With the Wii we sometimes have isses with the sense bar not getting our movement.

If we had some spare money I would go with the Star Wars bundle. The system is shaped like R2D2 and I guess it beeps when it is powered up. Now how sweet is that:)

So do any of you have a Kinect? What are you thoughts?


  1. Yes, my geek self would LOVE to have purchased the Star Wars version when we bought our Xbox Kinect but I couldn't justify parting with the extra money. Not when that could be used to buy games!

    We've had fun with our Kinect. It is especially fun when you have people over with kids as it gives them something to do and it is entertaining as heck to watch them, especially with the Just Dance games. Also a hoot to "bowl".

    Hope you all have fun with it.

  2. I'm one of Carl V. and Little Red's decrepit followers. Couldn't help posting, since I'm known to be a Microsoft apologist at times.
    I finally caved and got an Xbox used last November, despite not being the gamer I used to be. (Bard's Tale! Wing Commander!) Mostly we use it as a media center as we bailed on cable TV about the same time. Tonight however, I finally got the Kinect going. My wife, who disapproves of gaming, stayed up with the kids far past their bed time playing Just Dance. We also found the karaoke app a week ago, so now there is singing most nights. (Taylor Swift was in the daily free songs tonight. Heaven help us all.) Once in awhile, I actually take Oblivion out for a spin.
    I say go for it, though the new Xbox will probably be out at the end of this year.

    1. Just dance is a fun and addicting game, that is for sure. It really helped me, along with the boxing and soccer games on Kinect Sports, when I began my weight loss/fitness improvement regime early last year, especially while the weather was cold.


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