The Weird Weather and Christmas Shopping

I am not complaining that there is no slow on the ground "currently", it is Wisconsin after all and that can change in 5 minutes. With me submitting my shopping list to Amazon and they can take the needed funds from my credit card. This is the EARLIEST i have ever been accomplished my Christmas shopping. I give myself a pat on the back and you can give me one to if you would like.

I think that I have jinxed the winter weather with me buying a snowblower last fall. Thus far I have used it 1 time. It has been a great $500 investment.I think i better keep my mouth shut or the Good Man upstairs might make me eat my words.It is only the beginning of December and all my area has had for the puffy white stuff was a dusting. It is going with the temps reaching 50s this week.

I think that we Wisconsinites are going to PAY dearly for the mild and spoiling winter we had last year.

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  1. We're having quite a wet winter here in northern CA, but I won't complain. Our twenty year flood is six years overdue.

    As for Christmas shopping, I've gotten a few small things but I just can't get my head into it.


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