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My wife and I are in "active" mode to search for a new church. I have been going to the same church all my life. It is a traditional Lutheran Church. It is a place with the older members are afraid of change there are not many people that are in our age group that attend the church on a regular basis. The Rev that has been for about  is not very likeable and talks down to people.

My wife grew up in Lower Michigan and where Christian Reformed Churches were all over the place. Here is Wisconsin aka German Country there is not that many around of those kid of churches around here. I hope that the quest for a church starts on Sunday. It all.... well always depends on my wifes' mode in the morning. My wife is also under the impression to people should invite you to attend there church. I keep telling her that does not happen out here.

So if any of you can offer so advice or has gone through the same predicament shoot me a line or so.

Thank You


  1. Growing up in (and still living in) the Bible Belt, finding a church isn't hard. Finding a church--a local body of believers--that causes a warm, shiny feeling within, and filled with a group of people of like-mind, that's somewhat a challenge. My suggestion? Just go. Find a church, get involved in the Sunday Schools/community group/whatever's offered, and try it out for a few weeks. Don't wait for an invitation, cause frankly that's not realistic. Look for a church with solid biblical preaching and a congregation united. Look for people with similar lives, but don't shy away from differences, either.

    Above all, find a church that you can worship God in but that you can also serve in. Find a church that impacts the community and changes hearts.

    Oh, and prayer goes without saying.

  2. My search for a church seems to have no end. I too grew up in the traditional Lutheran Church, but that doesn't exist any where near us. Unfortunately, Germany's system (2 main churchs: protestant, catholic) has kept alternatives down to a minimum. As Logan said,the best thing is simply to visit the churchs you think come into question. Check out all the info on their 'extras'(Sunday school, bible classes, elderly woman hobby group :) ). Take time and don't feel rushed to find the right fit - sometimes it takes a bit.

  3. I would like to thank you guys for you input.YOur comments were a BIG help:))

  4. In some ways I don't envy you your search, there is a lot to offer out there and of course no one place works for everyone. I can only suggest the more obvious things, like pray that God leads you to the place He wants you to be in. I do believe God plants us in different churches for different reasons, sometimes because of what we need to get out of it but also for what we can put into a church. I also think it is good for you and your wife to sit down and have an open honest conversation about exactly what you are looking for, from the worship service style to size of congregation to your desire to get involved or not, etc. Write it down, pray about it and honestly assess each church you visit.


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