Lack of Reading

It looks like I am  not going to reach my goal of 25 books this year..:(( I have disappointed myself. I am not that sure why i was able to get to my goal. I think I know with the hectic life and working 12 hour days at times at the cheese mine. I think I am going to get audible. Has any of you looked into the service or have it?

How do some parents find the time read with kids? I try to read in bed, but I found out cluckers are not a good idea. Due to the fact, when I dose off I get a 5 lb book in the face. lol

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  1. I'm falling far short of my goal this year also. Funny how life sometimes gets in the way of important things like reading, blogging, and discussing philosophy with the cat.

    Well, to be honest, my cat has just about given up on trying to bring me around to her way of thinking anyway.


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