Stroke of 10- Spooktoberfest

I decided to take be a part of a flash fiction contest for my favorite holiday.  He is a link to the rules that one of the wonderful hosts posted.I did have fun writing my story:) Enjoy.

As the bubbling white foam what boiling over for the rue from the cauldron that an old and hunchbacked man was looking over it with diligence. He was making sure that everything was set for tonight, it is Halloween after all. He was a lonely man living in Randleton, MA. 

He said to his calico cat,”This is a Halloween that nobody is town will ever forget.” He carved a dozen jack-o-lanterns with the finest razor that he could find. He made some elaborate faces that anyone would be aww struck to see. 

Inside the dark damp house, it has not been dusted is years or maybe decades. There were co-webs hanging from every corner of the house. The old broken down man had to add one more incident to complete the potion that would take over this town. The last incident can be added at the stroke of 10 o’clock AM.
He adjusted his spectacles while he looked at his pocket watch. It is 957, so he figured to get a key ingredient for the potion.

Hestepped up his ladder to his cupboard and reached ion the door. He pulled out a bottle.He looked at his and read the letter. "Yep it is the right stuff" he said out loud. I was vodka.. It was the perfect why to release his ghost and demons on such a great day. Who doesn't like a great mixed drink for the holidays. 

Then tonight he will be see the kids being accompanied by their parent(s) in sight of some candy or some tricks.


  1. Hello Geek Daddy, nice to meet you. I came for your Spooktoberfest blog hop and found a bubbly hop for young and old. LOL

  2. thats the wa to enjoy the holiday =)

  3. The twist at the end is great. I couldn't help but smile and say... 'Cheers!'

  4. What a creepily fun entry! :)

    Thanks for participating in our blogfest!

  5. Isn't everything better with Vodka! ;) thanks for participating!

  6. Gotta agree with Dani's comment above! Fun story! :)


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