Legos Anyone?

You know what those are? You have to remember getting talked to about picking up ALL the pieces especially when or mom or dad steps on a piece in the middle of the night.

I was looking on Gizmodo and saw that there is going to be Hobbit themed Lego sets. Here is a pic of one of the set:

This one is going to be the more expensive set at $100.00. There are other sets available that will not kill your pocketbook. The set should be out by time the first part of The Hobbit hit theaters in December. You cannot tell me that you do not think that this sweet.
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  1. Legos were so lame when I was a kid. I'm always jealous of the cool sets my boys put together.

    1. Totally agreed. Legos when I was little we had to use creativity.

  2. This is really amazing. There's a lego Lord Of The Rings game for x-box coming out in December and I'm buying it immediately.

  3. Oh, that is going to be super cool. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. My kids would kill for this! Well... each other anyways. lol


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