Canning Frenzy

I cannot believe that our canning season is almost coming to a close for us. Who knows what else we may stumble across.The taste of freshness of summer/fall will be achieved throughout the cold Wisconsin winter as well.

Here is our tally thus far:
5 pints of jalapeno jelly
40 quarts of tomatos
2 quarts of tomato sauce
22 quarts of apple sauce 4 flavors(plain, blueberry, strawberry, and cinnamon spice) ....

we are also canning some pear butter for some friends

We are getting more tomatoes from some friends.Our shelf in the basement/cellar is getting pretty full. It is better that than the freezer.

Do any of you can, if so what do you process??
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  1. Jalapeno jelly? what does it taste like, and what do you use it on? I imagine it would make the kickiest PB&J sammich ever, or it is more like a salsa?

    my attempts at canning haven't gotten much further than strawberry freezer jam.

    1. It has the sweet spicy kick combo. We use it as a dip as is or we spread cream cheese on a small plate and top it with a layer of the jelly. MMMM good stuff.


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