Neverwhere Read-along Part1

Neverwhere (novel)
 I decided to join in a read-along that Carl V., over at Stainless Steel Droppings, is host this month. So when Carl decided to host a Group Read with Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, so I figured i would join considering that this book has been on my TBR pile.It is sure is an interesting book, but it is Gaiman after all.

Each week question will be answered by the people part taking in the read-along and I know I am a bit late on mine.

1.  What do you think of our two villains thus far, Messrs. Croup and Vandemar?

Mister Croup and Mister Vandemar are ruthless, lethal and DO NOT waste their time to take care of business.The conversations between this two is quite interesting and knowinf some of the diaaters that they singly handled caused.

2.  Thus far we've had a small taste of London Below and of the people who inhabit it.  What do you think of this world, this space that lies within or somewhat overlaps the space the "real world" occupies?

So far there is nothing that really stands out or is unique about London Below(LB). The Rat Kingdom is different with the inhabitants in the LB society. I think that it was funny that Richard found the rat that he shoed away earlier in the book.

The Rat speakers are like their rat lords capitalize on opportunity like each Richard's food and such.

3.  What ideas or themes are you seeing in these first 5 chapters of Neverwhere?  Are there any that you are particularly drawn to?

I just wonder what else is going to go wrong for Richard. Since saving and meet Door his life has been turned upside down. After this event, he does not exist in London Above. I wonder if he will become a member of Below society.

4.  We've met a number of secondary characters in the novel, who has grabbed your attention and why?

  Anathsesia was a character that grabbed my attention. The way that Gaiman build a wonderful, yet fascinating character is a few pages.To miss a character after just meeting her is a testament on how great he can make them in limited words. Plus, the name is very memorable as well.

5.  As you consider the Floating Market, what kind of things does your imagination conjure up? What would you hope to find, or what would you be looking for, at the Market?

The Floating Market is like a jack of all trades for markets. Growing up I went to quite a few Flea Markets but the difference is that the Floating Market moves from place to place like a circus.I can imagine finding finding anything magic related at the markets and a lot of the dark arts that Snape from Harry Potter would have loved to get his hands on.

6.  If you haven't already answered it in the questions above, what are your overall impressions of the book to this point?

I am glad that I joined the read-along and I am loving everything about this book. It is a Tim Butron-esqe type of an atmosphere, in which I love. 
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  1. I love reading Croup and Vandemar's conversations, too. They're so creepy, yet they still manage to crack me up!

  2. Someone else in the discussion group mentioned the Tim Burton-esque type of atmosphere in this book, with which I totally agree! Especially when it comes to Croup and Vandemar, I think.

    Hope you enjoyed the next reading section, too!

  3. Sounds like it's very helpful.
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