IWG-Writing Twice As Long

The Insecure Writer's Support Group is hosted by the Ninja Master, Alex J Cavanaugh. I am FINALLY admitting I am a writer and I going to voice my very own insecurities.
Firstly, I'd just like to say congrats to everyone who completed the A-Z Challenge, and well done to everyone who participated and followed along the way as well.

Yes, I am finally confessing to the public...well as public as this gets to whom that will hover over and take a gander at this post.

The issue that I suffer the most from is what I call is word jumbling. I have a "disorder" when I am writing not all the words that are going through my head do not end up on the paper. I read it and it make no sense:((So I figured on picking MY BIGGEST insecurity for my first post for the group.

When I finish writing my story. I have go through it plenty of times to make sure I want it say what I meant it to.  I will continue to walk toward  my dream of being an author some day.

Do you know where I am coming from?


  1. By all means, YES! I think it's quite normal to do that. Sometimes, we're too close to our own work and it's easy to leave things unwritten. It helps to have readers to help you with that. They'll definitely be able to tell you when there are holes or details have been left out. Best of luck with your dream. :)))

    Welcome to the IWSG!!

  2. I often have trouble with that! Knowing what I want to say and not being able to properly put down my thoughts on paper. Or knowing exactly what I want the story to "feel" like but having it come out completely different.

  3. Hi there,
    I'm from the IWSG too, just late getting around to visit!

    I used to experience something that might be sorta similar. I had times when thoughts were running thru my head faster than I could get them written down. Then while writing a thought down -- I'd forget at least half of what the next thing I was thinking of was.

    These days I just jot down cryptic notes or fragments and then organize them into complete sentences & paragraphs later.

    Looks like you've been blogging for some time and that counts as writing to me! So what other type or style of writing do you want to get into?

  4. Yes I understand because my thoughts run fater than I can write. SAfter i read what I wrote I realize I have run on sentences and mis-spellings tec... Congrats to sharing this with the readers like me:)

  5. Yes this always happens when my mind runs faster than my typing hands. I think you have the right idea though. Move toward the goal one step at a time.

  6. Just stopping by from the IWSG


    Wow, I admire your determination hon, good for you for sticking at it! :)
    I have a huge problem with tense lol. One minute my character "walks" to the door, the next, she "walked" out of it. I drive myself crazy! Lol


  7. Popping by from the IWSG. I completely get it. Sometimes I know what I want to say in my head but it doesn't translate onto paper, or else nothing comes out at all!

  8. I found you through the IWSG, and I completely identify with the thoughts that don't come out as you'd like them too. I often have to walk away and come back and edit. Pisses me off that when I read my own writing I'm surprised it sounds good. Why should I be surprised?

  9. Popping over from IWSG.
    Great post. Sometimes my thoughts are moving so fast I can't keep up with them so I leave stuff out. Thank GOD for editing, right? LOL


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