Amazing Birthday:)

On Friday it was my birthday, the BIG 3-0. I cannot believe it that I am 30 already. It was a pretty good one that is for sure. my wife had the most amazing cake made for me, it was any geeks dream. She had the woman she work with make a cake that looks like a motherboard. Now talk about total AWESOMENESS. We are friends with the owners of the bar and had a mug of old-fashion that is the equivalent to four drinks in that one mug..:) All I can say is WOW and all I did was get a buzz from the drink.

Throughout that week myself, me wife and Aquagirl were battling the flu. Aquagirl is still battling the virus. I just hope that she can get over this SOON. My wife is taking her in to see if it is just a virus, because Aquagirl has had it over a week now;(

I hope that this week goes a little bit more smooth than this past week went.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I hope Aquagirl feels better soon!

    1. I would like to thank you for the birthday wishes..:) I also thank you you for the concern for my little Aquagirl. She is doing MUCH better..:)


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