Summer Reading?

With me seeing the people in the library then some of the immediate family. I usually do the adult summer reading program that they offer. I do usually wonder why do they do a Summer Reading Program? I for one, as I am sure so many other people are limited to the amount of time that they have in the summer. It is usually nice outside, so means that people are busy.

I have so many projects taking place such as:
  • the beloved garden
  • laying down mulch
  • new annual flower(THANK YOU)
  • clothes line
  • chasing around a 1 year old
This is just the tip of the iceberg to be tackled. So I usually question: why not have a Winter Reading Program instead? I know that the little kiddos are in school and suck and thy CLAIM they do not have time. They do have time to play the Wii and watch hours of TV.
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It sort of got me to wonder? I was also wondering how many of you are involving in a Summer Reading Program as well?

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