Serious Discussing

My wife and I have had some serious discussions about dropping our DirecTv altogether. We are getting a little sick of the bouncing bill. there is nothing that is constant in the bill. Well the only constant is that it keeps going upwards. Also not to mention that the Directv customer service sucks. I would still like to know where they some of these people that they employ in their call center.

So we are thinking of cutting Directv and going with Netflix. We are not the type of people that need to watch our favorite series right away. So we are going to the Netflix route and we are will be saving pretty close to $70 a month doing this transition.

Now all I have to do is get a outdoor antenna mount it on the roof of out 2 story house(fun fun), in order to receive our local channels. I cannot hardly wait for this project to happen. I will keep everyone posted on the process of De-Directving my house.

I was just wondering has anyone else considered this move if so, did you follow through with it?
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