The Wiggles Are My Friends

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I never thought that I would say this but the Wiggles are in fact my new friends. I think that this children's program saved mine a long with Mrs. GD sanity this past car ride. We drove back yesterday from Mrs. GD's dad.

The Wiggles kept little JTW occupied enough throughout most of the car ride. I am not going to lie or anything but she did have her fussy moments. Overall I give the drive back home an A-.

For a 1 year old ride in the backseat for eight hours with limited screaming is quite an accomplishment.
I thought that the visit went great, but we were not able to see all of Mrs. GD's siblings. It was nice that some of her aunts, and uncles came over and had dinner.

JTW was kind of scared of Grandpa P most the weekend. It did not help either that he would scare her either. The last day she was starting the warm up to Grandpa a little bit.

Mrs. GD and I sure do hope that we can see some her family sooner than later.
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