Getting Ready for a Trip

Arm River Rest Area Access 1 Road Sign. A rest...Image via WikipediaAt this time tommorrow, Mrs. GD, JTW, and I will be traveling this 8 hours to visit Grandad P(Mrs. GD's dad). He has not seen the little munchkin in a while so we figured that we would take a road trip from Thursday-Sunday.

Mrs. GD is a nervous wreck, she loves to have everything planned a controlled, but with a little one on the lose it is pretty hard to keep that control at time. You never know what to expect if she is going to be a ear going through the U.P. In the U.P there is not many rest stops and there is nothing more there nature and 1G coverage when  taking that trip.

This is going to be the last post for the week. I also hope that everything goes well with little JTW going to see people that she has not seen in quite a while.  I will let everyone know how it goes next week sometime.
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