Canucks Blow the Cup

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I watching most of the NHL playoffs, if you didn't it sure was a good one with some exciting games played throughout the postseason. Most people that I know just do not understand why hockey is such a great game. What is there not to love about hockey, it has the physical play of the NFL and up and motion of the NBA. 

In the Stanley Cup Finals, the Canucks HAD a commanding 2-0 games lead over the Boston Bruins. All the Canucks needed to do is win 2 more games to finally bring home a Stanley Cup for the Canucks. They were unable to do this and won just 1 game in the 5 games.

VANCOUVER, BC - JUNE 15:  Roberto Luongo (L) #...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeAfter the Canucks lost another 7 game in the Stanley Cup, their fans were outraged. After the game riots broke out in Vancouver(where the Bruins defeated the Canucks).The Bruins won with great defense and goalkeeping throughout the series.

Police struggled to contain the crowd with tear gas as fires erupted in busy downtown intersections, storefronts were smashed by looters grabbing everything in sight and people dangled from light poles.

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Coming Home Yesterday

As I was coming home yesterday, which is less that 10 miles in length. I receive a text from Mrs. GD:

UR Daughter.
After reading this sure does get me wondering,now what did she(JTW) do now and is she cracky. Sure does get the ticker going.
Nope my wife tells me that:
I was getting the water drawn for a bath, because it is bath night after all. JTW was the living room in her diaper. I come back and JTW ripped off her diaper.Not only that JTW had dirty pants she had her legs all full number 2 on as the carpet. 

The fun that miss at work.I am just happy from Resolve and Spot Shot. If you do not have either of those. They are a great investment from a poppy kids running on the loose.


The Wiggles Are My Friends

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I never thought that I would say this but the Wiggles are in fact my new friends. I think that this children's program saved mine a long with Mrs. GD sanity this past car ride. We drove back yesterday from Mrs. GD's dad.

The Wiggles kept little JTW occupied enough throughout most of the car ride. I am not going to lie or anything but she did have her fussy moments. Overall I give the drive back home an A-.

For a 1 year old ride in the backseat for eight hours with limited screaming is quite an accomplishment.
I thought that the visit went great, but we were not able to see all of Mrs. GD's siblings. It was nice that some of her aunts, and uncles came over and had dinner.

JTW was kind of scared of Grandpa P most the weekend. It did not help either that he would scare her either. The last day she was starting the warm up to Grandpa a little bit.

Mrs. GD and I sure do hope that we can see some her family sooner than later.
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Getting Ready for a Trip

Arm River Rest Area Access 1 Road Sign. A rest...Image via WikipediaAt this time tommorrow, Mrs. GD, JTW, and I will be traveling this 8 hours to visit Grandad P(Mrs. GD's dad). He has not seen the little munchkin in a while so we figured that we would take a road trip from Thursday-Sunday.

Mrs. GD is a nervous wreck, she loves to have everything planned a controlled, but with a little one on the lose it is pretty hard to keep that control at time. You never know what to expect if she is going to be a ear going through the U.P. In the U.P there is not many rest stops and there is nothing more there nature and 1G coverage when  taking that trip.

This is going to be the last post for the week. I also hope that everything goes well with little JTW going to see people that she has not seen in quite a while.  I will let everyone know how it goes next week sometime.
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