Let the Chasing Begin

It is official JTW is now walking. I for one cannot believe that the time is already upon us. JTW has been taking steps and everything for the couple weeks. It was yesterday that she hit her walking milestone. It made me so proud and scared at the same time.

Proud, because I was able to see another one of her milestones. I gave me a sense of accomplishment that my daughter is developing normally...well as normal as one can be with me being her father.
Scared? Yeah that is correct scared now, we get to chase her down from where JTW is NOT suppose to be into like the dog food container and such.

Regardless of how I feel the first year of dad in training is almost up. It sure has been quite an adventure considering that I had NO clue what i was doing raising a little one 11 month ago. This was a craziest and unforgettable on the job training that I have ever experienced.

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