1st Birthday Party:Success

Mrs. GD and I have been (seriously) planning JTW's for the past month or so. The event took place last Saturday. Mrs. GD does not deal with stress to well. When she is anxious she bites he nail like crazy.I am happy that she still has all her finger intact. 

The amount of food that we put on could have fed a small army. We did have a great turnout for the lil JFW's 1st Birthday Bash.We are still eating some of the food that was at the party...I am not complaining we really had to decide what to have for dinner since. We are a well fed family off of potatoes salad, pulled pork,and  homemade baked beans.We did find something out we are just going put on brats and hot dogs instead of shelling out the extra money for the pulled pork. YA!! Win for us.

I think that it is perfect to have a little one to be born in May. We thought that JTW's closet was full before the birthday party. With all the summer clothes that we received, I believe that she might need a new and improved closet

So how does the your child's 1st birthday bash?

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