Pitcher and Catchers Report

I am thrilled that Baseball Season is upon us. As many of you will soon find out, I am a huge baseball fan. So in this blog every week I will try to highlight some major happenings in the MLB. For me as a suffering Brewers fan for year. At least it is a little better with the team that they have had in past 5 years or so.

The big news from the Brewers was signing Rickie Week to a multiyear deal that will keep him a in a Brewers uniform until the 2014 season. Weeks will earn $38.5 million over the next four years and could pay $50 million over five years if he remains a fixture of the starting lineup.

With his injury issues in the past we will see if he can stay healthy for this contract. I for one an ecstatic that Weeks will be with the Crew for 4 more years.  So my daughter and I will be able to watch him from the lead-off spot for a while.
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OH No She Is Growing

 What are we going to do now? It looks like JTW  is going through another growth spurts...GREAT. The last couple of says she has been eating(drinking) 3-8 oz bottles a day. As well as her cereal and veggies in the morning and afternoon.

I know was ignorant going into this whole parenting thing, but I did not realize how fast they go through clothes. My word. She is almost 9 months old and she is in 18 month clothing for the most part. Her cousin is in still in 18 month bottoms and he is 10 months older than her. I for one sure am glad that we hit the rummage sales full throttle last summer and did some major stocking up for the little peanut.

I sure would like to know if anyone has some stuff that decrease the rate in which she can grown. Hmmm...I was always told that coffee stunts your growth....maybe I could give that a try.
I am used to reading the the spec of a piece of hardware and knowing what  is expected of it. Parenting is a totally different animal. Children vary from child to child that is what makes then unqiue. You just never know when the next milestone is going to happen.


The Phase Continues

With JTW still going through the phase- of screaming on the top of her lungs when she notices that she is alone and not enthralled with a toy. Well I hope that it is just a phase passes real soon.JTW started this right after her two top teeth came in. My wife and I think that  people are crazy that told us," Having a newborn you can not get anything done."

Our thoughts about that is whatever. With JTW out of starter car seat, well that is what I call it at least. You know the one that you snap the carrier in and out of the base. Now we have to take JTW out of the stationary every time seems to be a chore at times.

Anyway where was I..ohh ya the phase. My wife and I don't pick Alia up when she is crying just to cry. When she is dome crying then we reward her by being picked up.

I am sure that every parent went through this phase. So what did you do when you child(ren) were going through this time?