The Queen of Snot

With JTW still getting those upper teeth to poke through her raw bare gums. I did not know the snot factor that came along with teething. It is just crazy the amount of snot that comes out of her nose. I know that every parents goes through this stage.

I did found out something else kind of interesting from my wife(Mrs. GD the researcher. I found out that Alia will be teething for 2 YEARS. Yikes!! Then Mrs. GD just laughs at me after I gained this new found information.

I has been quite an adventure with JTW getting her two upper teeth. It was worse much worse than her getting the bottom teeth. I have heard horror stories, the Stephen King variety of the molars come in. I can WAIT for that time.

It will not be long until JTW starts getting more teeth in his pink gums and before I now it will be filled with sparkling white teeth.

I guess that we have to put up with the crankiness from out little princess in training. Yes she already has her mommy's attitude. 
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Teething Fun

With JTW is currently in process of getting some of her eye teeth for the past week. It has not been to much fun as you can imagine. Her bottom teeth were not this bad....bad as in fussiness from her. At least you are able to see then teeth JUST starting to poke through the gums(OUCH). 

I for one am glad that I do not remember the pain that she is going through. It was bad enough getting my wisdom teeth yanked out a couple of years ago. Right now the sleep for  Mrs.GD and I are slim and far between. 

Right now we are just hoping that the teeth poke through soon so JTW that does not have to suffer as much anymore.  I heard in the hood that molars are worse. So I cannot hardly wait for that experience.


So it Begins

Hello I am Geeky Dad.I have decided to start a blog of the life of a geek(before it was cool to be one) that is a husband to a wonderful woman and a father to a 7 month old daughter JTW,not her actually name)and hopefully one or two more. She runs the show and did not realize how much our lives were going to be impacted by little JTW.

My blog is an eclectic mix. One post may be about programming. The next might be about JTW The one after that might be about baseball and the one following that might be about a new gadget I’d love to get. You never know what will be next.

I hope that you enjoy the ride.