It Is Recital Week

We figured that it was going to be a CRAZY week this week with it being recital week and all. Our plan was to divide and conquer this week.

My wife took the eldest to the practices this week(which is usually my task). I kept the younger 2 at home. We had a great bonding time with it being just us.

From the sounds of it the program is cute. I for one cannot wait til tomorrow night to see the performance. The whole school has worked hard all year. Going to be interesting to see what they are going to show us. If the outfits that my daughter says how it going to be. The first word I think of is:FUN.

SO happy that we have her in dance again...plus she needs it with her agility needing help. Yep I am pretty sure she gets that from me. LOL


Garden Around the Corner

I know that I should at least have the garden tilled up by now...but I am not  quite there yet.Hopefully in the next couple of day. Plus we increased the garden as well. Besides the 2 in the back yard we have an additional plot that on my grandparents land. I was where they had their old garden 10-15 years ago.

There is PLENTY of work to be done. With all this rain it sure is getting difficult to go out there.No more spring showers just yet.Still debating what veggies that we want to grow this season. I think that I may bite off too much than I can chew.😢

 I think I can do this. Plus the wife gave me an extra incentive. She doesn't think I will be able to do the garden at my grandparents house. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!!

I may be a bit stubborn..LOL


Made to Year 3

I just cannot believe that lil Miss Avia is 3 year old today. This sassy sweet girl always makes life interesting and teaches us something new eveyday. She tries our patience, but boy she is our little munchkin that makes us smiles each and every day.
Happy birthday Sunshine


Got Through Year 1

17992063_10155141589047226_1164895524148535291_n I'm in awe that my son is 1 year old..ALREADY!!!!!  This past year has been a whirl wind. I am just trying to slow time down but it not working. Where is my Deleon?? It is like pushing a boulder up a hill with a mudslide to slow down the days. Sure is hard with the wife watching kids and me working like crazy.

Crazy seeing how much this little man has changed up our lives. He was the BEST surprise we have ever received. Plus with no help...it happened all our own with no assistance.

Always such a happy go lucky kid. Happy that he is more of a go with the flow type of a kid until his middle sis. After a tough day at work that smile sure does make the day wonderful.

For his birthday we laid low and stayed home and had fun. Unfortunately his eldest sister is sick...

If this year goes by this fast going to interesting to see how fast the future years to come goes by.


The Sickness

No this is not a throwback from a Disturbed CD(WOW I am aging myself). Our house contracted flu fever crap that has been going around.

I am pretty sure that the kids got it from the mall when the wife and kids were getting pictures. The pictures turned out great, but the 3 days of this fun I am not sure if it was worth it all that much.

It has cycled through the house unfortunately..:(  The wife and lil man got it the worst of all of us. There was a lot of diarrhea and sweating and sleeping involved It seems like everyone is on the mend and doing MUCH better.

I do not wish this crap on anyone not even my most dislike people in the universe.


Do over

So I am going to try this again...I know that I have been MIA this past year. It sure has been Crazy to say the least.

I just cannot believe how much the family has grow
n. The adventure has been fun and yet busier than I expected. That is the fun of life then...right.

I am going to try to reboot this space. I was not prepared I guess. I did not treat it like a plant. I did not nurture it like you are suppose to. No wonder it did not have a chance.

I am going to try to chronicle the craziness that happens in my life. The direction is yet to be determined. One day it could be family, the next can be the outdoors and the other could be something dorky/nerdy.This is life you just never know what the next day will bring.

Good luck and enjoy the ride.




Getting Closer

I for one just cannot believe that baby #3 will be here in about a month or so. Boy where does that time go. It has been a crazy week though,

Currently as of last weeks appointment the baby was in the breech position. My wife was to 3 chiropractor appointment to see about getting baby all comfy in order to have baby flip in the position for  good delivery.

My wife sure is anxious, but that is her anyways..lol We have an appoint ment tomorrow and we shall see if baby is the right position.

We are praying that the lil troublemaker doesn't cause much more while he\she is still in the womb.